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The tiny gun given to J in MIB that causes a bigger explosion than your average brick of C4.
Zed: Kay, give the kid a weapon.
-Kay opens a chest filled with intergalactic guns. He picks up a large rifle-
Kay: A Series Four De-atomizer.
Jay: That's what I'm talkin' about.
Kay: -picks up a very tiny gun and gives it to Jay- Noisy Cricket.
Jay: -stares the weapon in disgust- Hey, Kay, nah nah. Come on, man, y-you get a Series Four De-atomizer and I-I get a little - little midget cricket?
Kay: -notices Jay is pointing the gun in his direction- WHOA! kid...
-grabs the arm Jay is holding the weapon with and points it away from him-
Jay: Feel like I'm gonna break this damn thing.
by zomiaen September 10, 2008
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