1) Slipknot.

2) 99% of the metalcore genre.

3)Death Metal vocals.

4)And of course rap.
1) The new Slipknot live album sounds like a bunch of fucking noise, not even coherent.

2) If you ever watch Headbangers ball, all you ever hear is noise.

3) Death Metal vocals are stupid. No one is that pissed and if you are just kill yourself. Real metal vocalist are Mike Patton, Bruce Dickinson, James LaBrie, Geof Tate, Ozzy, James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo etc. guys who can sing agessive or melodically and has some type of purpose to their lyrics.

4)"Im a hustla homey got rocks and cash blah blah blah". Ok your rich, no one gives a damn. Stop making bad music no one gives a shit, and you're a talentless moron who barely made it out of high school but you blame that on the white man and the ghetto because your to much of an irresponsible asshole. Also how hard is it to rap about pretty much nothing but money and women? play a fucking guitar, get in a band and create good chemistry, friendship and music, then I will be impressed. Fuckin rap is the worst, and people automatically think I like it because I am black.
by till_deth_do_us_part November 14, 2005
Top Definition
nonsense or bullshit that someone is talking
man u need to squash all that noise, I ain't tryin to hear all that
by Moni September 17, 2003
An extreme type of electronic music different to Noize. Noise is what it sounds like it is. Different layers and types of static which are put together to create a song structure. It can be painful to listen to.
Turn the Con-Dom up! I just love those strange noise bands!
by hallucinogene September 01, 2003
Interchangeable for shit. Used often in the Jersey, NYC, and Philly area.
"Fuck all that noise"

"Yo, I fucked that girl last night"
"How was that noise"
"That noise was crazy"
by Alex Garf October 22, 2007
Noise can be a lot of things. But musically is a lot of different layers of static and feedback put together to make a sructured song.
Listen to Merzbow. He is the biggest noise artist around with hundreds of releases.
by Ismael Lopez December 14, 2004
another word with multiple meanings like the word fuck.... Most accurate meaning is "dbs from machines,music,airplanes,talking,screaming,anything that makes a vibration, etc

Is also being used now to describe Drama, or plans.
You want to go to Her party.... Man fuck that noise....
Hey man, whats the noise for the night?
by WhodiBrown June 05, 2009
When noise is brought, it results in the domination and/or pwnage of another's face. One can bring the noise on an individual or groups of individuals. The difference is shown in the example.
observer: "Holy shit! That's my boy! You bring the noise on that emo!"

observer: "Holy shit! That's my boy! You bring the noise on those emos!"
by JsunG November 21, 2008
refers to things that need to be acomplished once a desired destination is reached.
I have to go over to my sister's house and fix all that noise.
by Dr. Buttons March 24, 2003
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