What you hear coming from the other room when your dad is banging your mom.
Keep the noise down in there, will you?
by passionsurf November 08, 2008
Pronunciation: 'noiz
Function: noun
Plural: noise

1: a party mostly attended by youths to young adults, alcohol is usually served. Loud music is usually played, and large amounts of alcohol is consumed.
"Hey Tom, where is the noise tonight?"
"Hey Bill, get down with any noise the other night?"
"That noise was boring"
by Larry Lamb February 17, 2006
Best used at appropriate times, such as 2 o'clock in the morning.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 19, 2003
How losers give advance warning to the rest of us about their low IQs (driving pickup trucks is how they tell us the condition is incurable).
Bubba and Earl are Arkansas brothers who make a lot of noise when they mate...even more when they do so with each other.
by F. Scott Deaver November 02, 2005
Agreeing with someone or something.
Bob "Yo dog, that bizatch is hot, yo."

Joe "Ha, noise"
by Billy Garwood September 28, 2004
Very loud talking esp. by black people. When they all tend to talk very loudly, and all interrupt eachother. The topic is always a variety of rumors and bullshit, things that are true, facts about hos, and insults, mostly by using the n word.
"talking noise, with all of my homeboys, feeling to go back to school.)- Afroman (Back to school)
by bojzzle November 30, 2004
an STD, a sexually transmitted disease
Carefull, that chick'l give you the noise
by Major Hoople February 09, 2004
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