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Nogstipationsex (-1.214)
A type of constipation, the medical condition which results when Nogtard gorges himself on Sargent's apple pies and Hill biscuits. The obese Nogster loves all shitty biscuits and pies and has been known to feast on them for 6 hours at a stretch. The nogstipation can last up to a week. When it comes to an end and the fat retard eventually manages a dump the result can be explosive, not even the toughest porcelain being able to contain a mighty nogdump. Nogtard's legendary dumping exploits result in him getting through an average of 12 bogs per year. Roughly once a month the broken bogs are left in his front garden ready for removal to the nearest Maltby lorry.
Quick, phone the fire brigade, Nogtard's house has just blown up.

Don't panic, its probably Nogtard having a dump. He's had Nogstipation for the last week.
by Kenny Spoffo-Grumpbeetle August 05, 2009
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