The act of getting a blowjob. Derived from the manner in which a blowjob is received. The main surface area that is stimulated, during this sexual act, is the head of the penis. A human head could also be refered to as your noggin. This brings us back to the term which can be used to describe a blowjob, and can best be compared to a commonly used synonym for blowjob which is head.
That noggin was incredible!
by DooDooBunny September 12, 2006
The end of a loaf of French bread.
"Anyone want the noggin?"
by Jay21 April 29, 2006
A silly person, an idiot
Oh you are such a noggin!
by Jenn December 15, 2003
someone who is stupid in the head
you stupid noggin!!!
by HELEN SHEPHERD July 25, 2006
that really bad channel which only plays degrassi non-stop, that my stupid sister randomly took interest in which i want to shoot her for doing...
NOGGIN SUX, doesnt it
by A [Renaissance] April 03, 2004
a term used to describe resin (cannabis).
"I'll get us some noggin for later on man"
by Davina March 30, 2006
Oral sex from a female to a male
O shit, I think ima get some noggin!
by Joe Evans March 15, 2003

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