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A small selection of food consumed by Noggers. This menu consists of:


Peeeaaaa, and

Fried Cickon.

Neither of these will be eaten without each other on a nog plate.
Nog: Me Hhwanta Hhhrrrice and Peeeaaa.

Waitor: Yes Mr. Ape. Back in a second.

Waitor (Back from the kitchen): Here you are sir.

Nog: Hhhhhwere's da resta me peeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa!

Waitor: I just gave it you. You asked for rice and pea, Not rice and peeeaaas.

Nog: Me gotta me hhhhrice, now me wanta me peeeeeeaaaaaa, mon!

Waitor: That is a pea.

Nog: What about me fried Chickon, Mon?!

Waitor: Your what?

Nog: Me canta have da hrice and peeaa widout da fried chickon!!!

Waitor: This is a menu, not a Nogger Menu!
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick June 06, 2009

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