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A straight up ugly ass hoe. May be fat as a cow or ugly as dirty uncle bobby's penis.

When one encounters a "Nofundo" while accompanied by friends of any gender, they must say "Nofundo" and make the hand motion described below. Not doing this is a violation of the guy code section 4.A.XIII, paragraph 8, line 6.

Arms must make a crossing motion and head must be turned side to side as if saying "no". Very similar to the "You're out" motion.
Girl with way too much black eyeshadow and a shirt that is obviously too small to everyone but her.

Guy A: What kind of disease do you you think she has?
Guy B: No need to be rude, man.
Guy A: You're right... Nofundo (Does the aforementioned motion)
#ugly #gross #fundo #profundo #joefundo #nofundo
by Ds14 October 22, 2006
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