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A company with the sickest designs and tees ever.
Wow! That Nodus shirt looks so good on you!
by Dr. Def October 28, 2009
Plication, Difficulty. Difficult situation.
Figure it out. Nodus.
by Learn July 27, 2008
it means 'ya know' in Japan
esea baka inu...no du....
by Nasyki February 28, 2004
A somewhat popular clothing company in Simi Valley, CA. It is one of the new proponents of aluminum tetroxide printing which prints brilliant colors but allows the colors to be easily washed off. Within 5 uses, the design is usually gone. Made from Simi High students, which really shows the moral of the average student there.
Oh, I see you a got a Nodus shirt, tight.
by perenthia January 11, 2010