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Is the act of drifting in and out of sleep. causing your head to nod, bob, and/or weave. Also unconsciously causing your limbs to flail about and body to twitch, due to ones lack of sleep.

nodgulate is the act of, Nodgulating is ones act upon, nodgulated is already past ones nodgulate state thus transitioning into sleep realm
uncontrollably nodgulate into a stupor in which ones self starts compulsing an abruptly awakening ur mind potentially allows out-bursting to occur such as screaming, crying, saying something alloud like word vomit that anyone around u can hear, also a chance of rubbin, touchin, or caressing thyself without relizing a bunch of people are in the room or that ur outside in the eye of the public. Basically a very vulnerable state of mind of unconsciousness to be in, so be sure if you're feeling the nodulation station (where the nodgulant acts are actively preformed) stupor starts to creep on you be sure to find a safe spot , ones most trusted comfort zone. once in nodgulation mode you become upmost vulnerable and easily targeted by untrusted beings.

Now overcoming the state of nodgulating and passing through the nodgulation station is possible, not easy but possible, it's only a state of mind and once conquored by ones stubborness of the need to sleep end replenish, it is then a koooky mode you become that may or may not be a pleasure to be around. which is for ur peers at that time to decide and for u to frolic about. embarresment? discomfort? uncertainty? naaaah, in this current state of mind you will have no shame in your game.

Precautions stand strong, so be warned and always stay intoon with ur surroundings, and only be around people who treat yourself and others the way you wish you should be treated
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