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That little nod you give to your friend when you pass them in the halls and don't want to look overly excited about seeing them. Highschool boys that do this are also the ones who do the whole Bro Hug thing.
My friend was passing me in the hallway and I was about to hug them but they gave me a lil Nod of Acknoweldgement, making me feel stupid.
by FakedNaked August 02, 2016
That nod you give, in passing, to a girl whose vagina you've been using as your personal jungle gym for the last several weeks unbeknownst to your surrounding colleagues/friends. This nod is a good medium between absolute lack of acknowledgment and obvious overconversating as to not draw suspicion to the fact that she's an undercover freak and can take sausage better than the local butcher.
Tom: "Why didn't Jack say 'Hello' to Sarah this morning? I thought they were friends?"

Will: "He just gave her the 'Nod of Acknoweldgement', I'm pretty sure he porked her on his grandmother's kitchen floor last night"
by ZNippleBandit August 08, 2016
That very special nod you get from other people which indicates that, yes, you are a total fucking moron who has failed to correctly spell the word you were aiming for once again; well done, jackass!
FakedNaked: *I wonder why people are nodding at me, but giving me a thumbs down...*

<Reads over the term> "Nod of Acknoweldgement ... SHIT! Damn I'm stupid.... I meant to put Acknowledgement!"
by Urban Dumbass August 18, 2016
The act of acknowledging someones existence by nodding, most often used between males of lower generations however has become a practice which people of all ages perform. The act of nodding ones head is usually a sign of friendship between two people. A common phrase used during the nod of acknowledgement "y'alright" is used to show an appreciation for the other person. The phrase 'nod of acknowledgement' was coined in the year 1823, however use of the phrase has only recently peaked over the past decade.
Dan used the Nod of Acknoweldgement as he approached Jim in the alleyway.
Steve nodded in acknowledgement when he saw his work colleague in the store.
by Immortalist August 08, 2016
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