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Pronounced: Nohb-scohpt

The act of failing a test with a very low grade, or being extremely confused in a school lesson. Usually due to a teacher with unbelievably high expectations who spent one class period glossing over an incredibly hard subject and gave an in-depth test on it the next day.

A corruption of something between noob-tube and hard-scope, which should be enough to make even the most calm FPS gamer feel like ripping his eyes out. Always capitalized in order to emphasize the epic-ness of the fail.
Example 1).
Person 1: What'd you get on the chemistry test?
Person 2: A 36, I got Nobe-scoped.

Example 2).
Teacher: Alright, today we're going to talk about the effects of fluid dynamics on the history of the Papacy.
Student 1 to Student 2: You ready to get Nobe-scoped?
by Thomas Jeffrey Hanks December 04, 2011
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