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stupid gay asshole licking wanker.

i know that this will be branded as offensive but realy it isnt, it comes from the gay community, trust me i am in it.
hey dont spose u r a nobjock
by russell newman April 27, 2004
Shortened version of 'nob jockey'. Meaning gay man (someone who rides the cock).

General abusive term.
God, you're such a nob jock!

Mert's such a nob jock!
by Jake Howard May 11, 2008
abv. of the term 'nob jockey'

derogatory term used to infer that the subject 'rides' a penis in a similar fashion to how a jockey rides a horse. normally directed at males rather than females to suggest homosexuality
person 1 - argh man
person 2 - whats up?
person 1 - nothing, just mike is being a complete nobjock again
by theofficalpye May 12, 2009
Someone who likes to ride a nob is called a nob jock.often associated with gay fags.
you complete and utter nob jock!!!!
by siborg February 08, 2006