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Literally - The bag of balls thats hangs beneath the penis/cock/dick/nob as part of the male genitalia.

Metaphorically - Someone who you really dislike and want to insult. It usually just comes out as you cannot think of a better insult.
"Jonathan i dislike you"

"Yeah well i think your a complete ... nobsack"
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by Josh_Guernsey May 25, 2006
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Multi-purpose term to be used in any number of circumstances. Less harsh than dickhead. A variation on nobhead. Means scrotal sack, or scrotum, but sounds much better and gets quite addictive.
Oi nobsack, do you want a cup of tea?


Alright nobsack, what are you up to later?


Americans, what a bunch of nobsacks
by Cundyboy January 23, 2004
Condom (For those in Essex, UK. It's a form of contraception)
"She was the result of a split nob sack"
#nob sack #condom #johnny #rubber #shrink wrap #contraception
by That guy playing with himself December 22, 2009
a person who is not being very sensible .
for christs sake luke .... grow up and stop being such a NOBSACK.
by tom November 26, 2003
Tom Duncan. Au treasurer at York University 2003.
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
A nob sack is an insult and people can find it very offensive because then dont have a nob
oh fuk you u nob cheese
by bob February 16, 2005
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