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Applicable only to Western Australia.
North of the River.
swan river.
'Job wanted, NoR position...'
by lulzren February 14, 2010
39 20
Cool,smart and easy to love. Great with all relationships and is a loyal friend. Great hugger and great kisser. She has lots of friends and sometimes people get jealous of her. She's also the greatest at sports or any other physical activities.
I wish i was like 'nor'!
'Nor' is practically the best at sports!
by GirlyGirl000 July 01, 2009
52 35
The pronounciation of the word no by the people of bolton
Dad, i said dad, nor!!!
by Rufioooo May 03, 2006
49 43
Acronym for "Nipples On Ribs". Meaning a flat chest on a thin girl.

The description of an a-cup bosom on a svelte woman.

The nonexistent mammary glands on a scrawny woman.

e.g. Olive Oyl, Calista Flockhart, Lara Flynn Boyle
Guy #1: Hey Mena Sevari was hot in American Beauty!
Guy #2: Yeah she was... too bad she had NORs!"
Guy #1: Yeah man....I know what you mean..
Guy #2: No, I liked Thora Birch's sweater cows instead!
by Matt MacAlpin May 11, 2008
3 3
Boolean logic operator that is equivalent to an AND function with all of its input values inverted. It has the following truth table:

X Y | Out
0 0 | 1
0 1 | 0
1 0 | 0
1 1 | 1
x NOR y = (NOT x) AND (NOT y)
by cloudRunner March 22, 2006
56 79
stupid biotch who should always suck cock................and toes
Nicole you are a NOR!!!!!!!!!!!
by Danielle and Jonathan March 31, 2004
28 115