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A really great girl with great legs that doesn't wear pants - ever. She doesn't wear them because she finds them uncomfortable. Some people don't wear pants because it's easier to get laid, but a real No Pants doesn't wear pants because it's what feels right. A real No Pants is a funny, quirky girl. They're unique and hard to find.
That girl is the farthest thing from a slut. She's just No Pants.
by TheRealDealDude July 10, 2010
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Pants that have such large holes in them that they serve no purpose past being shorts and shin guards.
Look, that tramphosomeone cool yet slutty has nopants on in the snowstorm. She probably has frostbite on her inner thighs.
by Awesome McFuckingSweet December 26, 2009
adj. without pants
After experiencing a violent depantsing, I found myself in a nopants mood.
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
1) phrase coined from late night msn conversations and a lack of conversational topics. can also be used when someone mentions that they were wearing shorts at sports practice, talking about taking a shower, or other situations in which pants would not normally be worn. can also be used with the word 'waffles', 'omg', and 'ihop'. generally these words would be spelt in all caps

2) what men want women to wear.
1) OMG!!! NOPANTS!!!

honey, which one of my outfits turns you on the most?
by llSmithll February 19, 2005
Nickname for someone who regularly or consistently loses the coverings of their nether regions after a long night of hard partying, usually the result of a series of poor choices accompanied by the consumption of great amounts of alcohol.
"Must have been some party last night, huh, No Pants?"

"Hey look, it's Krissee Parker "No Pants!"
by Hermo109 October 01, 2007

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