A whole month in which you are not allowed to shave yourself.

No kind of facial hair may be removed in any way.

The wuzz who grows the least facial hair by the end of the month gets their cloths wetted.

The person who gows the most facial hair by the end of the mont, recieves a secret reward.

People who regularly enjoys metal music are not allowed in the contest.

§4 does of course only apply people who already have a great amount of facial hair. They are prematurely disqualified.

Following the rules is MANDATORY.

Are the rules not followed by a competitor, this person must buy the other competitors beer.
The beer has to be cold bottled beer.
I see you're enjoying some cold beer. Can i have a bottle?

Sure, my friend just lost the "No Shave April"-competition.
by 1.c-SG March 23, 2011
Top Definition
Much like No Shave November, but much more Indie. You must go the entire month of April without shaving. No exceptions.
Lucas: Dude, it's the middle of spring and you look incredibly haggard with your scruffy beard and flannel shirt.

Gabe: That's because it's No Shave April, man! I'm indie!
by kcash October 29, 2009
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