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At this particular moment you’re being extremely reckless
That negro PJ has no chill the way he was talking about Brian's girl last night right in front of him.
by _Stytch April 15, 2013
People who have "no chill" or who have lost their "chill" have effectively lost their ability to act in a rational manner; aka "doing the most"
"Have you seen those memes with Lil Kim's face next to the clown? People have no chill."
by CSaw16 August 16, 2014
When people type everything in all capital letters.

Your average person who gets salty easily and just loses their temper over the dumbest thing.

When people make their own smiley faces and try to make it a trend but inevitably fail.

When a girl bases her every choice on a single guy she likes.

When people use the word "fam" too much.
"OMG HAHA YOU'RE SO FUNNY." "Dude, you have no chill."
by WorldstarBoss May 31, 2015
No chill can mean different things if you use the term differently, you can say

Lisa for example has "No Chill" meaning she's not being normal or is acting different/crazy. You can also say "No Chill" meaning no chill like no, chill.
"Nah dude no chill"
by JustChristinaHere December 25, 2015
The reason why there's AIDS, bullying, war, and many other problems in the world
Andre: Bro, lemme get some of your leftovers.

Tyler: Why? So you can get the leftovers of my ex as well?

Andre: Bruh , I was just asking for some food.

Tyler: Just stfu man...

Andre: This is why no one talks to you dude. You got no chill ... AT ALL.
by CapnHeisenberg October 29, 2015
Mia's parents
Example 1:
*wakes mia up at 3am bc toothpaste lid isn't closed*
Example 2: "hey can I hang out with *insert male name* ?" "No he's gonna rape you even tho I don't know him at all or what kind of person he is" "mom you have no chill." "You're grounded"
by directioner 10501 December 22, 2014
Attention to petty detail, I.E. When a girl sees her friend's Facebook picture and her friend is wearing the girl's flip-flops.
Kim: Are those my flip-flops?
Jon: Wow she got no chill.
by Juan L0b0 July 10, 2016
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