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The most amazing, uber 1337 punk rawker there is. He posts on In the main EQOA forums. But sorry ladies, he is attached at the moment. But, if you would like some topless pictures of him, drop me a line, although they sell like hotcakes.

Oh, yes, I do mean he IS the MOST UBER l33t hax0r dat will pwn joo and teh n00bzo0rz, and phl4m3 you to hell if you get on his nerves. He IS uberer then Murrun, and EVERY single other poster at A perfect human being.
Nmuk made me scream last night.
by iluvNmuk January 25, 2005
1 Word related to Nmuk
Often meaning gay, bisexual, sexually curious, or not knowing your true sexuality. It originated from a buncha homo's on EQOA wanting to hide thier futt-buckilities. Antonym Condamor
You fucking fags! Stop trying to train us and do it, atleast Mexico knows how to train...
by Hobo Joe (A.K.A. Titinipple) January 30, 2005

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