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A Boxer Bloodhound mix that has floppy ears and a long tail. Usually has a distinguishable face because of the wrinkles.
Is that a Mo? Yeah, A Nizmo, my friend Colbey has a boxer mix too.
by GoogleGirl88 May 27, 2009
Some dude that isnt as good as TechniK "Search TechniK in"
<nizmo> TechniK, I love you.
<TechniK> dude.. your a sick sick man.
by Not_TechniK September 19, 2004
a guy that gets owned by Detrax all the time.
a lamer.
im so becoming a nizmo
by Detrax November 16, 2003
someone who gets pwned by blu3 all the time. same with gfunk. also the owner of,, and an irc whore. he has dial up.
nizmo is teh pwned!!!111one!1!1
by blu3 September 29, 2004
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