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Pronounced knee-teesh. Also known as Nits, Nitsy, Nitzy Blitz, Black Belt, Juicy Fruit, Funny Face. A freakishly tall, funny-faced Indian who generally can’t NOT ask about the SAT (or any other academically related test) and is gullible enough to believe his Facebook chat is “rigged”. Origin of the American holiday Nitsgiving (He is the Nitz, similar to the Blitz of Blitzgiving). He is known to lame juice the walls of others, Facebook or otherwise. He is a pimp.
1. (On Nitsgiving, when someone acts like a Niteesh) Come on, don’t be THAT Nitz!

2. (To someone with a funny face) Haha, your face is so Niteesh! Who Nitzed all over it...

3. (To someone who is freakishly tall) Move over, Niteesh, I can’t see over your freakishly tall pimp figure.

4. Dude, stop asking me about my SAT score! What are you, some kind of Niteesh?

5. Rohan: Hey dude, who lame juiced your wall?
Rahul: Oh, probably some Niteesh.

6. (When looking at the face of a Niteesh): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

7. Rohan: Dude, my Facebook chat is rigged!
Rahul: No it’s not. Stop being such a Niteesh.

8. Rahul: Hey, who’s that cool pimp?
Rohan: Niteesh. Actually, no, Niteesh ain’t cool.
by xlr8tor123 December 28, 2010
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