(n.) a particularly irritating individual
(v.) to annoy indefinitely

Poor Ms. Clark twisted around in her chair and cried indignantly in protest, "Stop nishanting me, Nishant!"
by that one chick August 19, 2006
Top Definition
one who shanks alot pro at shanking
Nishant shanked me the other day
by Johnnyuui January 20, 2008
A very cute, lively, childlike boy with superhuman brains. Is generally the centre of attention and admired by all for his intelligence, but his insensitive attitude towards people is a turn-off.
He's such a nishant man! But for his attitude. I'd have had a crush on him.
by samriddhi January 21, 2011
someone who has the biggest dick in the world
th best at fucking
also the best at shanking
girl: i am walking funny because i fucked a nishant
by urbandicktionaryiscool January 11, 2010
A highly attractive Indian male from Gujarat who commits to a cute Nepali girl for life.Also to be called a 'Nishant' you will have to be an extremely smart and hardworking individual that is in love with a Nepali girl.
boy:DAMNNNN he is so in love with that nepali girl.

Girl:Thats cause he's such a Nishant.
by hahu March 17, 2010
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