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A name of Arabic heritage generally meaning powerful or strong one. People named Nisba are often Machiavellian, a little bit cunning, and more often than not quite simply brilliant. Those named Nisba although gifted with the ability to sway people generally favour being inherently good rather than evil; holding a great degree of hope for the world and its people. It tends to be a female name, but anyone who holds this name should feel grateful and honoured to have parents who loved them enough to name them Nisba. There is a great prospective hope for those of this name, as they tend to go on to become bad ass lawyers, politicians, or rulers of entire countries. If you are lucky enough to befriend someone by this name, cherish them as they give all of themselves away to those who truly deserve it.
"You know a Nisba? God I envy you....can I meet her one day?"

"Nisba changed my life, I was on the verge of suicide and then I met her"
by Ari345 December 18, 2012
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