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A beautiful, intelligent and confident woman. The very definition of sexy! She is kind and loving towards her friends and family. But be warned, don't mess with Nirupa and especially not one of her loved ones or you will regret it. Nirupa is an amazing girlfriend and her boyfriend is very lucky to have such a deliciously exquisite person in his life.

BE SURE TO MAKE HER LAUGH. It just might be the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard, but it is intoxicating. She will have you hooked.
Every group needs a Nirupa, but you can't have ours!
by twerk instructor April 14, 2013
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popularly used in south asia for: a demon or an inbred bitch
that girl's such a nirupa, she screamed because i opened her fridge
by YouArentVeryNice March 03, 2011
The greatest of haters. Relentless and unwavering in pursuit of hating on you. However, kind enough to make sure you are not upset after the hating so you are still good friends.
Holy crap, he nirupa'd all over that group of people. Then followed it up by a round of drinks on his tab. I love it when people nirupa.
by BillybobWong April 05, 2010

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