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A chant involving large groups of people saying the name Niro over and over again. Started at the Latymer School in 2007 in a year 10 maths class.

Verb: To Niro
"Niro walked in and everyone started Niroing"

"Anyone up for a bit of Niro in maths today?"

by Year 11 boys (2008) January 10, 2009
He is greatest of all time. He is the absolutely best basketballer, hates medicine though. He is definitely the coolest guy on the planet, pwns all, and definitely straight. He is one of the most athletic people you will ever meet. He is a lover, not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter, so don’t get any ideas. You can see his coolness from space. Donald Trump is his apprentice. He is more interesting then the most interesting man in the world. He is NIRO!!!
Niro is the greatest of all time
by Beast LLC September 01, 2010
To 'niro' is to chant someone's name repeatedly as loud as you can. Niroing is group activity and works best when an authority figure is trying to speak. For best results use on Sri Lankan playboys named Niroshan.
Teacher: Be quiet and do the work

Class: NIRO NIRO NIRO NIRO NIRO NIRO (repeat for maximum effect)
by Keats boys January 11, 2009
Niro rocks on for life
Gangsta:Yo niro my bruva we be rocking
Niro: Fuck you
by Gangstaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee March 17, 2005
The best basketballer ever, he'll have a future in medicine though
Your such a Niro these days
by fuck me dead August 12, 2008
Only the coolest guy on the planet. And he pwns all yo' asses. For shizzle. Probably gay.
Niro loves da hos. He loves da chix too. He also loves all da guyz.
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