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Niracsex (-1.108)
This word arises when someone mis-spells the popular vodka by Diddy, called Ciroc. There are many play on words for this mistake, such as Nirac Obama, or just simply Nirac. A Nirac Obama is all bark and no bite. He claims to make plans to better his life by sleeping early, studying, and going to class, but when push comes to shove he folds like a little baby. A nirac will take pride in fantasizing about horrendous fetishes that involve 2 fists, a fat pudgy child preferably 5 years or younger, and possibly an ambalamps at the end. The Nirac has no guidelines to abide by and will more often than not join a bandwagon, like a Nirav. If one were to summarize Nirac in one word it would be this: Pff!
P: Hey Dan did you prepare for your fluids exam?
D: Nah B, I had the case of Nirac Syndrome.
P: Oh my bad bro, your fucked!
by C602A December 05, 2010
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