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Something all prude Americans flip out about, and shouldn't be shown on TV. It's OK to show a boob, but not the nipple, because then you'd know it's a boob. :rolleyes:
Janet Jackson showed some nipplage at the Super Bowl. Ugh, she put me off girls forever...
by zorpidus April 16, 2004
To show ones nipples to someone of the same and/or oppisite sex. Most of the time it is one nipple.
Yo she flashed us and we saw some total nipplage!
by J-town November 04, 2003
pron. nipple-idge.

the sight of a nipple (male or female) be it online or in real life. more commonly used to describe a nipple sighting from a voyeuristic point of view
dude over there! sweet nipplage!
by Elrobrino March 12, 2011