Code for a Burning shite after a night out also known as Drunken Shit.
Amongst a group of Mixed Sex
Lee: BRB gotta sort out my Nintendo Ds
*18 minutes later*
Lee: Sorry about that i couldn't stop the dribble.
#drunken #shit #poo #crap #nintendo
by funkyfresh1000 August 24, 2009
A phrase used to describe a jumble of cords. Wires that are nintendo'd are all tangled up into a single mass on the ground, and can usually take a long time to unravel. The phrase comes from the original Nintendo Entertainment System's wires, and how they always seemed to get intertwined with each other.
After Jeff's garage band was done practicing, his guitar seemed to always get nintendo'd with Rick's bass.
#nintendoed #nintendo syndrome #nintendo #nes #video games
by db327 May 19, 2007
A code-name for one of Nintendo's next products.

A possible disaster or success. Nobody knows yet. The idiot who posted before this was only making assumptions. Yes, Nintendo has failed, but it's well known that they control the handheld market and they aren't going to give it up easily.
The Nintendo DS will problably be shown at E3 2004 or sometime around then.
by April 15, 2004
Overrated handheld system, which features only a select few decent games. Almost all of the games are for little kids like disney and pet games.
kid 1: "hey are they have guitar hero and mario 64 for DS"
kid 2: "yeah but I am not five so the nintendo DS is not right for me?
#mario #kart #pokemon #nintendo #samus #portable
by twenty3 April 23, 2009
Receiving dome from someone.

see also: going to dome world
ex 1. "Dude, I'm playin' some Nintendo DS tonight with Megan!"

ex 1. "Becky gave me a Nintendo DS last night!"
#dome #going to dome world #getting head #blowjob #dick suck
by Brian Forealz June 12, 2006
The lastest handheld console released by Nintendo. It features two screens and wireless chat. It also plays sub-par ports of N64 games. The GBA SP is still the choice handheld of most gamers compared to this weak attempt by nintendo.
The people who bought the DS are still waiting for a good game to play it with.
by darksoulexile May 03, 2005
A gameboy advance with a gimicky pen and paper gameplay add-on. Seriously the Nintendo DS isn't even a step from the gameboy advance. It just doesn't constitute as next generation techonology when it was released months ago. A microphone and a second screen doesn't do all that much for gameplay as most games don't use the functions. I'm not biased in the portable war and PSP has a lot of flaws also. But the DS just doesn't release good games often or much at all. Wario Ware, Kirby and Meteos are the only actual solid titles- everthing else is just average or sucks. The DS isn't very portable- it's freaking huge and fat.
Nintendo fanboy- PSP sucks- it has short battery life and is not releasing new games as much since launch. Nintendo is releasing new good games recently. The DS is like half the price of PSP.

Sony fanboy- DS is basically a gameboy advance with a 7 year old palm pilot taped to the side. The DS has been out longer than the PSP so of course it would have more games. But PSP launch had 15+ games- almost more than all DS games released since launch. PSP costs more cause it has music, internet browser (version 1.52), movies and homebrew applications.
by Fooly Cooly August 06, 2005
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