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The place where Hoshi is don.

A Naruto RPG site that's gone through five versions. It's put up with it's fair share of spammers and rule breakers, but continues to chug alone. Earned much ire for instituting rules that stopped people from becoming exactly like Sas-kay.
"Did you hear?! That site, Ninpocho-whatsit, said I couldn't play Roger Uchiha!"
by Ayunee December 08, 2007
A forum Roleplaying website, based very, very losly off of Naruto the Anime.

D-bags such as Daichi and Tats roam freely here, so be aware that reasoning and intelligent diolog is almost always ignored - and then trolled. (mostly by Daichi)
1. Daichi is an asshole, that thinks he rules Ninpocho.
2. Fuck Daichi.

3. Fuck Mist, and Tats.
by RyomaISgod March 18, 2011

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