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Can be used as an adjective or a noun.

anything that ranges slightly to extremely more than awesome, that may or may not have something to do with the art of ninjitsu and/or ninjas, in some way shape or form.

a replacement word for a person, place, or thing, but ranges from slightly, to extremely cooler than the original person, place, or thing being replaced.
STEVE: "Dood, you totally roundhouse-kicked that guys head completely off, that was ninjawesome"!!!

Tyler: "I know, thanks".


Steve: "Hey did you put tabasco sauce in these deviled eggs? They taste ninjawesome"!!!

Tyler: "yeah, thanks".

Steve: "Dood, what do you call that move you just used to kick that guy's head completely off"?

Tyler: "I call it Ninjawesome".


Steve: "Dood, these deviled eggs taste better than normal, what's in them"?

Tyler: "Well, I just put what's in normal deviled eggs, plus a little ninjawesome".
by Evolved Bully September 29, 2008
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