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Ninjatext is text that is the same color as the background it's on. You can only see it if you highlight it. It's really annoying.

People usually use ninjatext to say "jk" or "sarcasm" without ruining the joke.
It gets it's name because it's stealthy, like a ninja.
I was offended when that guy on that blog said he hates black people, but then I saw his ninjatext that said "Just kidding, I'm not racist."
by TheLollercoaster December 05, 2010
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(n.) 1. a text message that is received by your phone without an alarm to alert you of it's presence.
2. a shocking message that can cause (possibly, but not limited to) heart attack, comatose, anaphylactic shock, or otherwise any bodily malfunction that could kill somebody after reading it.
1. Jill is mad at me because i received a Ninja-Text from her asking me to go to prom, i didnt get an alert so i didn't reply.
2. Stephen went into cardiac arrest after reading that both of his parents were killed in a car accident.
by Shibblleeee June 11, 2011
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A text message that reaches your phone without making a noise, vibrating, or indicating in any way that you have received said text. The ninja-textee is shocked to find, minutes later, that there is a text in their inbox.
Guy: "Hello? You there? I've texted you like three times!"

Girl: "Oh fuck, sorry I didn't see the message!"

Guy: "Must've been a ninja-text!"
by TextMessageNinja November 27, 2011
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