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A combination of the most compadible creatures in this known universe. The Ninja-saur is commonly found in Mathews, Virginia, and only one exist. The ninja-saur is also the bond of a ninja and a dinosaur. A strong bond that's unbreakable, and also known as "comor".
subdefinition - Comor- love limited to friendship
The two ninja-saurs, Abbie and Noah, comor eachother.
#love #comor #abbie #noah #ninja #dinosaur
by Ninja-Nobi February 12, 2010
a highly trained dinosaur who is also training to be a ninja. a person one will most likely be afraid of. do not mess with one or you will get eaten or have your ass handed to you. but aslo a really sweet and cool person.
person 1: "dude did you see that ninjasaur?"

person 2: "naww man but i heard your not supposed to mess with them!"
#awesome #cool #nice #sweet #sensitve
by ninjasaur September 04, 2011
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