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The impression made by a woman's pants in the crotch area. Along the same lines as 'camel toe'.
That chick has a sweet ninja boot.
by Dr. Gus March 18, 2003
- condition or state of having a poon crease
- when a woman wears excessively tight pants that split her sweet spot
- a female frontal wedgie
Natalie: Did you see the ninja boot just walk by?
Jason: Oh no, I missed it! She had a major camel toe going on though . . .
by jgusc213 August 20, 2005
Instead of camel toe, the word ninja boots is used. You can also give the ninja boot salute by bending your index and middle finger and move them up and down. The ninja boot salute, usually when you see one. Enjoy and use well.
Look at those ninja boots. Ninja boot salute. See above.
by kem two April 07, 2006
Stems from the separated-big-toe footwear popular in Asian countries. A synonym for camel toe.
Friend A: "Look at the camel toe on that girl!"
Friend B: "Dude, don't say that so loud. Say 'Ninja Boot' instead."
by OHC June 30, 2004
Ninja Boots, taken literally, are these happ'ning fashion items that have a defined toe in 'em, much like the mythical ninjas of feudal Japan.
"I'm thinking of buying me some ninja boots to impress the babes"
"I was under the impression that you were a homosexual"
by Jackie Onassis July 04, 2006
The seperation that occurs when a man wears pants that are too tight and cause his testicles to bulge and become visible through his pants.

Not to be confused with camel toe on a woman.
My jeans are so tight, that chick is going to love my ninja boot. Plus shes a whore.
by Lordsloth July 19, 2006
a term used when you tell another male your are going to have sex with a female
Yo Mike im about to get that ninja boot from dat mom in da bahamas AARRAH!(ninja sound)
by Mike Dodge April 04, 2007
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