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One calls out "Ninja Time" to signify that they are going to vanish for a while, after the statement "Ninja Time" has been made it is customary but not necessary to include "Duces"
Bez: Yo this party sucks
Jack: Yeah but what are you going to do? We have to be here..
Bez: Ninja Time..... duces
Jack: Ninja what?? Wait... What?? Where did you go?? {Looks around to no avail}
#ninja #ninja time #duces #vanish #party #bez
by TheAlbanianKingBez February 24, 2011
1. When dorks & their friends get together to pretend to be ninjas by doing somersaults and kicking each other.

2. What to do at work when you're bored.

3. What people with no social lives do on the weekends.
1. Yea! It's Ninja-time!!!!!

2. Nick got fired for using work for Ninja-time.

3. So me & Julianne are gonna go to the park for Ninja-time on Saturday. Wanna come?
#ninja #dork #antisocial #nerd #awesome
by ShawnTheNinja October 08, 2007
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