A Large, flat, pink rubber coin used as galactic currency. As described by Douglas Adams in 'The Resteraunt at the end of the Universe'
"The exchange rate of 8 Ningys to one Galactic PU is simple enough. However, since a Ningy is a triangular rubber-coin ,6800 miles along each side, no one has ever collected enough to own one PU. Besides which, if you did ever own enough, you would have a great deal of trouble exchanging them, as most banks refuse to deal in small change."
by Bealzi August 15, 2007
Used when calling someone funky/wacky/crazy or describing one with great hyperactiveness.
Wow, that's one big ningy-fied group of girls!
by L.Y.N August 17, 2004
To give Kate/KAT! Ningy, DAH!
Gently with your finger tips strumming Kates/KATS! back.
by Craig August 26, 2003

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