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This is the most foul and demeaning name that you can call someone. It has even been outlawed in some countries because it is so offensive. This word is culmination of thousands of years of racism and discrimination. Ningerew is comprised of three separate words each of which in themselves are repugnant and repulsive. The first word that makes up the forbidden word is Ginger, a name that profiles the strange and strongly disliked class of humans with red hair. The second word is Nigger, a term used to describe an African American slave in the mid 1800s in North America. The third word is Jew which is the ethnic race of people whose origin is from Israel or of Hebrew decent. This specific group of people have been persecuted and picked on pretty much since the beginning of time. These three words combined form the putrefied and stomach-turning forbidden word Ningerew, a word that should only be used in the utmost extreme of situations.
Your best friend sleeps with your girlfriend, you find out, slap him then say, "You dirty street skank Ningerew."

Your teacher makes fun of you in front of class for answering an easy math question incorrectly, you kick him in the balls and yell, "Suck on that you punk bitch hussey Ningerew."
by dictionfreak733 April 27, 2011
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