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1. Slang term for the hair style commonly reffered to as a "mullet," "Kentucky Cascade," or "Camero cut." The term is derived from the ratio of hair in the back (90%) compared to the front (10%).

2. A favorable smell ratio between vagina and asshole experienced during a 69.
1. The male of the species will often fluff his 90-10 before entering a Denny's. The goal is to attract a suitable mate.

2. She was a very nice girl but she wasn't quite a 90-10. More like a 60-40.
by JeronimusPrime January 09, 2005
An individual who speaks BS you feel is 90% shitty and 10% not so shitty in their methods of living life. The 10% of realness though I holds a lot of weight and this is what keeps you drawn to the individual.
"Who Danielle ....she a ninety-ten chick...90% shitty 10% real!"
by skeeterBonsai June 04, 2015
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