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A beautiful girl with curly hair. She's super-duper skinny and gorgeous.
DAMN that Nina is hot!!!!

Jonathan- I love that damn fine Nina.
Roman- Jonathan, that Nina dumped you and she always loved me.
Jonathan- shut up.
by xjaderosex April 03, 2011
57 74
An amazing girl that has stolen my heart. She is beautiful, smart, funny and kind.
Nina Rowe
by Leny Lenson November 20, 2010
135 152
it means girl, but usually a delicious girl, who's face is dericious to kiss, and the cheeks are soft and tasty
i had a nina cheek today, for breakfast, and it was dericious
by joojeh kabob November 15, 2011
24 42

1.) Nine Millimeter handgun

2.) spanish for "girl" so it is often used to refer to cocaine
1.) grab the nina and meet me at the spot. we got some chumps to blast on tonight.

2.) you good with that nina?
by The Druth August 29, 2008
60 78
A psycho bitch that claims everyone is her "sloppy seconds." Fucks every guy she can find. more two-faced than a penny, and backstabs her best friend regularly. Claims whoever is nice to her is obsessed with her. Flaunts how affluent she is thinking that it will make her popular. mainstream kid. Everyone hates her and hopes she transfers to another school. oh yeah, STAY CLASSY BITCHES.
nina:Look at that fat bitch over there.
bystander: isnt that your best friend?
nina:yeah, but i hate her.
bystander: you dont deserve friends you treat everyone like shit.
nina:take a spoonful of class, bitch.

nina:now that we've fucked, i dont want you anymore.
guy:umm okayy..
nina:lets just be "good friends"

bystander:doesnt your friend like him? how could you do that to her!
nina:look at my face. how many fucks do you think i give?
bystander:youre cold blooded.
nina:oh im so hurt. excuse me while i go spend $1,000 of my daddys money at woodfield(large mall).
bystander:you deserve to be hit.
by the reality checker April 28, 2013
11 30
a 9 mm handgun
"one named mac, one named nina, they hit you make u do the macarena" - lil wayne
by dat du April 23, 2009
35 55
A gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyed girl that needs to learn how take her own advice sometimes. She is very intelligent and chooses her friends wisely. She has one of the best friends in the whole world. They are each others halves. A Nina usually attracts hot guys, which makes all the other girls in the school jealous. But a Nina can keep her head high and look past them. Nina's are also very nice and loving.

Usually paired good with; Jeff's, Jakes, Masons, Alex's & or Andrews.... Once you have a Nina never let her go. You will regret it.
Boy1: why did you ever let that Nina go? We're you insane!?
Boy2: I know... I still love her!
Boy1: then why are you still here? Go get her back!!!!
Boy2: I can't, she's taken by another guy...): damn he's lucky
by Sexyyy March 31, 2012
11 32