A poorly coined term used by the species Sony roolz, who has nothing better to do than post 100 different definitions to flame nintendo under 10 different names. Sadly this Term died when the species Sony Roolz became extinct due to lack of attention.
Sony Roolz: Ninturdorks suck! *rapes Playstation happily and has Sony roolz babies ...*
by PSisTEHsuxxors February 23, 2004
Top Definition
A lame, uncreative name for Nintendo fans made by 8-year-old Sony fans(specifically Sony Rools).
Guy 1: lolz u r a ninturdork lorfl
Guy 2: Way to suck at life, asshole.
by Andrew! January 08, 2004
Sony roolz, that was surprisingly brave. I've never heard someone say they have a one centimeter dick. You do realize that's very small, correct?
Sony roolz admitted to having a mini-penis.
by Seer-of-Shadows May 24, 2004
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