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(Noun, or Adjective)

Sexy, hot, Smart, funny, Loyal, Nice, Smily, Awesome at everything, Perfect. Not lesbo, Ony beastly people can be Nimra's.
1. i want her, she such a nimra.
2. Look at her, I want to be her, I wish I was a nimra.
3. look at that beautiful Nimra, she's mine...
#beautiful #nice #nimra #sexy. smily #funny
by annoymous36 April 11, 2011
A girl who's really loud, fun to be around, and a little crazy. Loves music, has lots of friends, romantic at times. Beautiful, unique, hipster, and a little on the dark/goth side. Pretty awesome and totally cool. Loves to sing and rock out.
1. You hear that loud music? Must be a Nimra...
2. That girl has amazing fashion sense, what a Nimra!
3. Screaming out totally unrelated words? Nimra much.
#cool #awesome #hipster #goth #loud
by crazykid1146 March 29, 2012
someone who is smart and pretty

loony at times and likes to have fun
your nimra is showing
#ohh #mmm #nimra #tony #danza
by tutty123 August 17, 2008
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