A tall, handsome, eccentric Frenchman who prefers American girls named Christina. Quite a catch, if you can land him, that is.
Only a true, bonafide Nils would say he wants cheektime, lots of windows, and carbonara.
by TeenieWeenieTeenster April 20, 2013
noun:- A word used for a certain h.f. ; often called a loser in Saudi Arabia by this amazingly sexy guy;

adjective:- a loser
Person 1: who did u meet at GYLC

Sexy guy: a Nil

Person 1: damn man i feel sry for u.
by TaiTai October 25, 2007
word used to describe big talkers that don't know what they're talking about; in other words a noob in life.

next to nothing; can also be used as an acronym like lol and omg. whereas nil is noob in life.
noob: Yea dude! she look likes like she would totally do it!
man: Dude.... what?
noob: C'mon man, she's so for that kind of thing.
man: Yeah, like you'd know what "that thing" is. You should stop talking, nil, before you get yourself in trouble you've never had before.
by shodemon666 January 28, 2008
1) this came to be when nils ask out this girl but he didnt do anything with didnt hug here or hold hands and they only last for 2 weeks
2) not being good when you have having a girlfriend and not like her
o my god he just pulled a nils ahahahahahaha
by ramzee October 21, 2007
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