freaky black man. usually lacking pants
Wow. Did you see that kid Niko?
by 53559 April 11, 2007
For something to be 'niko' means for it to be universally understood in all of England.
That is such a niko thing to say!
He doesn't randomly choose words for his sentences, but they're actually all niko!
I wish he'd be more niko, then he'd just make more sense to me.
by molpster January 15, 2007
that hot chick from livo ;]
siko niko bruhs.
by bahh. March 25, 2009
An arrogant douche bag with terrible athletes foot and a small and inoperable prick. Also, more likely than not, a closet homosexual. Generally found to be tolerable at first, under careful scientific scrutiny, has been found to lower IQ and severely impede intelligible conversation. While it is well known that most self destruct when they reach prime in high school, the survivors tend to go on to make life miserable for those around them. Often found slumming around bars, slicking back their greasy hippy hair, and generally reeking of Ed Hardy, Abercrombie and Fitch cologne, and failure, they are well known to crash cars on icy bridges for attention. Additionally, as they are both manically suicidal and terrible drivers, it is important to note that, should you ever have the misfortune of meeting one, it is recommended that you either commit Seppuku, or risk being contaminated by a severe case of athletes foot, paranoid fantasies of a world government, and ultimately a fatal case of self entitlement/worth. Additionally, should one ever encounter such a specimen, it is of the utmost importance to bathe regularly and brush ones teeth. Those that have smoked Marijuana with him will understand how wretched it can be to be drawn into a conversation from which there is no end. For those, the only medical remedy is Seppuku.
"Holy shit, that guy is a total Niko."
"Douche doens't cover it. He's a Niko."
"They didn't just salt the earth, they Niko'd it."
"I wouldn't wish Niko upon those poor souls."
"If one more Niko shows up at this party, I'm going to kill myself."
by Betteroffdead August 19, 2011
a man who usually goes for whorish type females and picks the worst females to talk to. He usually always has a nice girl that likes him, yet he passes her up to be with the hoodrat or the fat girl.
Man, look at the boy over there he's so niko don't even know that he got a nice girl diggin him.
by cassidy's_a_trip November 26, 2007
Alternatively Niko can also be used to define a very egocentric individual with virility issues in french linguo.
"That's a niko's car"
"You are such a niko!"
by truthsayer2222 July 27, 2006
a doofus that tells u to go to sleep wenevr u dont want to
dont let a niko tell u what to do
by AaLlYy November 12, 2005

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