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A black person who is ignorant
Tyrone: Now that Obama's president, I don't have to pay my mortgage

Preston Jenkins III: You're Nignerant
by Preston Jenkins III October 08, 2011
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Adj: Being ignorant to the point of food stamps.
"Uncle Leroy is a nignerant mother fucker."
by B Money March 01, 2004
1. When one dislikes something for no reason

2. When one believes to know something they in fact have no idea about.
1. a. I don't like it, bruh

b. why?

a. Cuz i don't like it.

2. a. That n***a did it.

b. How do you know?

a. I know, das how

B. wow you're nignerant
by Flash34Life March 22, 2010

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