A name for an anoying kid on xbox live. A nightwolf likes to yell into their mic. A nightwolf poops twice a day and masturbates aproximitley 7 times a day.
A) that kid is a total nightwolf.

B) I'm sick of that nightwolf
by Jay morlock November 27, 2011
Top Definition
A vicious sexual maneuver whereby one plunges the thumb deep into an unsuspecting sphincter while in the doggie-style position. This technique typically produces a savage, wolf-like howl from the recipient. The practice of saying "night wolf" at the moment of impact, while commonly regarded as proper etiquette, is not strictly required.

Although the night wolf maneuver was officially conceived and developed some time in the 2010s by Chris Pankewicz, in Columbus, Ohio, it is widely rumored this technique was first deployed in ancient times by Odysseus as a measure to repel sirens.
Me: Dude, what's that girl still doing here? I'm pretty sure I heard you give her the night wolf last night.

(Shrugging his shoulders)
Chris: She must have liked it, I guess.
by Big Farts April 26, 2014
Awesome character from Mortal Kombat. He is an American Indian who can shapeshift into a wolf for his animality.
Nightwolf is my favorite MK character!
by Vael October 18, 2009
He is a deadly enemy in games like Tribes, Diablo II, Counter-Strike, TFC, Starcraft, Warcraft III, and other games alike. what he does is called Kicking Ass
Damn did you see that Nightwolf guy he sure was fast.
by [kV.Nightwolf] April 13, 2004
A really lame, gimp thief.
A thief is on track. Oh, it's only Nightwolf.
by Ha'HA March 15, 2004
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