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A name for an anoying kid on xbox live. A nightwolf likes to yell into their mic. A nightwolf poops twice a day and masturbates aproximitley 7 times a day.
A) that kid is a total nightwolf.

B) I'm sick of that nightwolf
by Jay morlock November 27, 2011
2 2
Awesome character from Mortal Kombat. He is an American Indian who can shapeshift into a wolf for his animality.
Nightwolf is my favorite MK character!
by Vael October 18, 2009
11 0
He is a deadly enemy in games like Tribes, Diablo II, Counter-Strike, TFC, Starcraft, Warcraft III, and other games alike. what he does is called Kicking Ass
Damn did you see that Nightwolf guy he sure was fast.
by [kV.Nightwolf] April 13, 2004
5 10
A really lame, gimp thief.
A thief is on track. Oh, it's only Nightwolf.
by Ha'HA March 15, 2004
6 11