from old Irish/English legends, a word for a type of vampire. usually travel in clans, can move between the worlds of Faerie and earth and are very Manipulative. other then that little is known
??????? night walker
by KiKi_14_14 July 03, 2009
A prostitute, or hooker lurking in or around any urban area during the midnight hours.
That girl looks like a nightwalker.
by Jeff Duclervil February 10, 2008
People who walk their dogs at night and don't bring bags, so when their dogs crap they don't have to pick it up cause apparently if no one sees it happen, it never happened. So there for it is acceptable.
(Typical Night Walkers)
Melissa: "Hey where are you goin hun? It's like eleven thirty"
Erik: "Oh, I'm just gonna take Ema for a walk."
Melissa: "Now??"
Erik: "Yeah."
Melissa: "Well don't forget to bring bags with you."
Erik: "What! Sorry, can't hear you gotta go love ya."
by Captain Picard17 November 08, 2010
An excellent anime that's about a man named Shido who works during the night to solve supernatural mysteries that occur in his world.
by lunar shadows June 10, 2004
a person with freckles
When Chase went to a tanning salon and died his hair black, he went from being a ginger to a nightwalker
by chrissyyyyy October 01, 2007
Someone who loves night time.
They love to stay up and hang out all night.
Night time makes them feel better about everything that happen during the day.
Dude your wife is such a Night Walker she stays up all night long.
by Letete M. Ball II July 18, 2016
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