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a song that used to be good two years ago but now its way over played and its shit
slutfaced hoebag: omg! i love hey there delilah!
#overplayed #over rated #bad #shit #yeah
by chrissyyyyy August 18, 2007
The best band to ever live. They are from Finland. Most people only know this because of Bam, but who cares because Bam Margera is amazing too. H-I-M stands for His Infernal Majesty. GO LISTEN TO SOME H.I.M NOW!
H-I-M'S singer Ville Valo has the best vocals ever
#h.i.m #heartagram #love metal #ville valo #him
by chrissyyyyy August 19, 2007
a person with freckles
When Chase went to a tanning salon and died his hair black, he went from being a ginger to a nightwalker
#ginger #daywalker #freckels #red #hair
by chrissyyyyy October 01, 2007
A terrible disease that forces those who suffer from it to avoid sunlight, as it is harmful to their unpigmented skin.

If you suffer from gingervitus you may be known as a 'ginger kid'.

Symptoms include red hair, light skin and freckles.

Some people have red hair but not light skin and freckles, those people are called daywalkers.


To learn more on the subject watch the 'Ginger Kids' episode of South Park (Season Nine).
Eric: Dude last night I was wasted and I hooked up with the ginger girl!
Mike: Oh my god! Stay away from me! You're gonna have gingervitus now!
#ginger #daywalker #freckels #freckles #red hair
by chrissyyyyy October 01, 2007
Half ginger. They have red hair but don't have freckles or pale.
Don't talk to him, he's a daywalker. And daywalkers are half ginger theirselves
#ginger #freckles #freckels #red hair #gross
by chrissyyyyy October 01, 2007
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