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A stick used to restrain criminals by the police, or namely the LAPD.
They kicked and hit Rodney King with the Night Stick, or a.k.a the Johnny Stick and it had no affect on him
by Saints September 17, 2003
17 4
A big black cock.
He smacked the biotch across the face with his "night stick" before he made her "polish" it.
by buddy-doo February 08, 2009
7 5
cop cock,police penis, aka dick
Person#1 Yo I got drunk at this party, and stumbled into a cop

Person#2 Did you touch his nightstick?

by Smooth Ustaaz April 05, 2008
11 10
Slightly old-fashioned term for what is usually today called a "Billy Club" or (UK) an officer's baton, a rodlike piece of wood, usually painted black, worn by police to strike or subdue suspects.

In the USA many registered, private security guards who are not licensed to carry firearms may carry a Night Stick.

Certain phallic implications are almost inevitable.

In the 1940s, practically every American beat patrolman was equipped with a .38 revolver and a black Night Stick.
by al-in-chgo March 02, 2010
4 4
In gay lingo, a large black cock.
Tyrone's nightstick was so long you could see the outline of it in his jeans down to his kneecap.
by Richard Black March 11, 2005
19 22
Getting a blowjob, as your friend comes around the corner with his dick, and smacks her across the head inconspicously.
Jamie was getting head from a girl, when his buddy Dale was lurking around the corner, suddenly she gets hit with his pecker in the head. she was night sticked
by dubmojamie January 01, 2009
1 7
You are getting a blow job and then your buddy that was hiding around the corner with a bonner sneaks up and whacks her in the head with his cock
On my wedding night I was getting a blow job and out of nowhere my brother came around the corner with his wang out and smacked a bitch in the face and ko'd her ass. "Night stick Biotch"
by Jamie P and Timmy G December 29, 2008
2 8