An overworked and underpaid poor sap, that never sees daylight that must function soley on caffiene and their own distaste for their workplace. Usually works in hotels over the midnight hours and can be seen crunching numbers, and over applying self tanner.
Man, Brian that Night Auditor is some cranky today... He must have put up with some bullshit last night, and he forgot his puffer.
by Yannabell April 24, 2011
Top Definition
An evil genius who chose to give up responsibilities such as home ownership and family for unlimited internet access, all you can eat coffee, cerial, waffles, and muffins, and a job that pays you even if you sleep on the job.
"This week he ate 200 syrup covered sausages, watched every season of game of thrones, and beat the internet"
"yeah man, that dudes a Night Auditor."
by Baalbamoth April 29, 2015
A person, Usually male, that works the 11-7 shift at a hotel. Between weed breaks or "Safety Meetings" this person surfs Youtube, over-posts on Facebook and on occasion actually does something for his employer. This Job requires about 20-30 minutes of labor per 8 hour shift.
by KnightAudit June 24, 2014
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