When a black guy feels down and out, he is feeling niggertive.
"Hey Jim, whats with all the niggertivity?"
by MUFFIN STUFFERZ November 22, 2011
Top Definition
when an activity is definatively black.
I walked into walmart on the south side and was blown away by the niggertivity inside, a black woman took off her weave and used it to administer a beat down on her baby daddy.

Two guys in a truck: one sees a black man half walking half dancing while jaywalking across the street, says to other guy "check out this niggertivity"
by Richard Dick Dickerson April 19, 2009
a form of activites usually performed by black men at night such as Rape, slinging, grand theft auto, baby mamma beating and more rape
It's about time for Jenny to come home from Central Park. It's prime time for niggertivities.

Tyrone was having so much fun with niggertivites that night he didn't care when he got 25 to life from the judge.
by allallalaalll August 20, 2011
A group of Black people doing whatever it is they are doing.
"What type of Niggertivity are we up to today?"
by Brandois June 08, 2013
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