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A stem (section of GLASS TUBE containing a small wad of metal scouring pad) which is CRACKED and SPLINTERED from a crack (cocaine) smoker applying too much heat for too long while trying to suck a hit and a half out of a hit of crack.
This abused makeshift pipe, belonging in the trash, is rather kept in one's pocket wrapped in tissue paper. Often seen on the TV show COPS; as one posessing such gets a trip to jail, everytime.
"Put that NIGGERPIPE away you fuckin' junkie. Y'want me to cut my lip? How long you been runnin' anyhow? You look like shit." "Hey, didn't I see you on COPS last season?"

"Yo, I rolled this dude for an eight-ball of crack! Break out the NIGGERPIPE!"
by Bengo Cholomongo September 13, 2006

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