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A combined version of Candlejack and Nigger.
If you say Niggerjack nothing wil-WTF WHERE DID MY BIKE GO?!
by Archerion May 15, 2008
a white chick that acts like a black person
Alex powers and Jamie arnold are nigger jacks.
by lil ty ty August 18, 2007
A combination of the noun nigger, a deragatory term for a black person, and the verb jack, to steal or take by force or stealth. The verb means to take something without asking, or grabbing, or taking posession of anything through rudeness or violence. Nigger acts as an adverb to "jack", as describing the jacking involved as violent, uncivilized, and lacking of manners- traits commonly associated with niggers, specifically young black urban males.
"Allen just pushed me down and grabbed my soda!"

"Damn, you got niggerjacked!"
by J Cee You January 02, 2007
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